Visit the most beauiful Danish island

Fur is an undiscovered treasure. You get the impression of peace, quiet and history by the fjord. You can get a twinkle in the eye from watching the sun play with the water. Fur is characterized by art and creativity - hidden all over the island and in unique shops. The western corner of the island has a structure rarely found in Danish nature. Layers of ashes from volcanoes are visible. You get to travel back to the time when the world was formed. A time when volcanoes spew fire and ashes over the world. That is Fur too. And then there is the brewery, situated in the middle of the great and fascinating nature. Wow!


Free ferry rides to the island of Fur 

From September 16 to October 22 it is free to go with the ferry to Fur. This provides the ideal opportunity to visit the most beautiful Danish island.