Travelling in a mobile home

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

There is a great freedom in travelling in a mobile home and experiencing one scenic area after another. When the evening approaches, the Skive Region offers several places to park for the night.

Mobile home parking can be found in one of two ways - either through Nordic Camper Guide or online at www.stellpl.... Here you can also find facilities for emptying waste water and other service facilities for mobile homes.

In Denmark, a camper can park at all parking spaces unless there are local conditions that prohibit it. It will then appear from the signs at the site.

Out of all the hundreds of camper spaces that are available everywhere in Denmark, there are also campsites and at about 90% of Danish campsites, there are emptying facilities for motorhomes. This means that campers can easily empty their toilet and holding tanks, and you can also get fresh water. Many campsites also have special space section for RVs.

Approximately 200 Danish campsites also offer Quick Stop nights if you arrive after 8 pm and leave before 10 am the following day.

In some cities there are special areas for RVs in the summer, where you can leave your camper in the daytime, and at night you can stay in your car for a small fee. Ask the local tourist office, if there is such a place in the city of your arrival.

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