Scenic Areas

In the Skive region thers is access to lovely nature experiences that can give you the feeling of tranquility and no stress, as a counterpoise to our busy and hectic everyday life. So put on your hiking boots or get on your bike and spend a day with the family outdoors. 

Across the seasons, the breadth and diversity of the landscape of the Skive Region is something to savour. Explore areas of outstanding natural beauty such as the lake Flyndersø and the moors around it or the steep hills of moler and volcanic ashes on the island of Fur. Navigate the many coastal paths of the region and experience the beauty where land meets fjord. Wherever you are in the area, you will find an incredible beauty in its natural surroundings, and it is all for free. 



The landscape on the island of Fur attracts international interest, and the moler landscapes are candidates for the inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

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